Despi and Louis’

Blog 20/4/13

At my dads cousin house

My dads cousin name is Despi and her partners name is Louis. Their kids names are Chloe, Tryon, and Georgia. Chloe wasn’t there, she was in Sydney working.


This is me and my cousin Georgia – she’s really lovely.

At the front gate there is a button to get in. The gardens are amazing there is a chair that is hanging. Despi and Louis have a pond in their garden and there are really big fish in their pond. Their home is very pretty. The first day we were there we had a great time looking at the gardens and the fish. For dinner we had meat balls and rice, it was  it was yummy. Then we set up our beds then we went to bed. The next day Despi took us to the zoo it was cool as, we had a tour on a buggy around the zoo my favorite animals were the monkeys, cheaters, lions and elephants. For dinner we had burgers; delicious. The next day we went to Despi and Louis’ farm. There were three dams, one has big big fish. There are lots of gardens and they also have grape vines. There is another farm that has sheep and geese.


This is me and Despi at her farm.


By Yasi

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