Our time in Perth

On Wednesday night we went to dad’s friends Mike’s place. He has a step-daughter called Jade her mum’s name is Nga. Do you now were Nga and Jade are from? They are from Vietnam. Nga made the best food for dinner – prawns, fish and snow peas & greens. I know a bit of one of the recipes – garlic, coriander and spinach. Jade is 9 yrs old liek toby and Yasi. She is really good at her times tables and art and she does 3-D puzzles. She has made 3 D puzzels of lots of places she wants to go like the Sydney opera house, Statue of liberty, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. We played with ‘playsticks’ – Jade made one storey and two storey cabins and a big cabin . I slept in Jade’s room I did not fall asleep so mum helped me move to the lounge were dad was sleeping- I eventually I got to sleep.
This is at Jade’s house. It was fun.
My baba and Mike always do back-to-back photos.

On Thursday morning we played with Tom Finn Clare and Rich – we played cricket then we played in the water at the beach and we went out to the pontoon. For those of you that do not know what a pontoon it is a platform floating in the ocean with a ladder to go up. For lunch Clare treated us to fish n chips by the water and then an ice cream – I had a extra-delicious white chocolate one.

We had a running race on the beach.

We went to dads cousin Despi and her husband Louis and there kids Georgia and Tryan.
They are grownups now Georgia is 20 and Tryan is 22. Their garden is so nice they have lovely green grass they have a very big but nice house. They have a toy monkey on a

chair, a beautiful bird and a mirror bigger then a table and a shandelir on the ceiling up above the table. We went to Perth zoo we saw chetes baby aleagates giant toesers a baby monkey baby geriler and an emuowe and more stuff.
We went on a zebra train – The perth zoo was fun!
This is us girls and Despi – she’s awesome.
We went to their gym – it’s not like a public one – it’s only like their’s – they’ve converted a garage into a gym. 
The next day we went to the gym again – I like the running machine & the punching bags and the bike and the step-up machine.
The gym was epic.
This is Yas and my cousin Georgia
We went to their farm and drive around on little farm buggies – the others saw an emu.
We went up really high on the buggies.
They had metal and rock sculptures – a big vineyard and some dams. There was a horse sculpture made of bits of woods. we did horse races on the soft grass- i went on baba’s back and also Tryan’s back – i won both! I did Lana’s hair (she’s Tryan’s lovely gorgeous girlfriend).
Us kids with Despi Louis Tryan and Lana
We saw some of their sheep at another farm of theirs close-by. I liked the baby lambs- they were cute but they kept running away from me when I tried to pat them.
The sheep are cute.
This is Lana – she’s very nice – Zoi wouldnt let me count with her in hide and seek because she liked her too.
We picked some pomegranates – they are a really yummy fruit. At the big dam we fed the fish. The feed was little red and green pellets. Then we started driving again to see our friends Tanami and Banjo. By Kiki


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