Gnowangerup & Albany WA

Blog 15/4/13
On Friday we saw my friends Lindy, Pippa, Charlotte, there cousins were with them – their names were Georgie and Mack. We went to the park with them which was across the road from Georgie and Mack’s school. They were wagging school because Pippa and Charlotte were staying at their house. Georgie and Mack haven’t seen them for a long time. So when we were at the park I played with Georgie and Pippa on the swing after a bit we went the monkey bars. Then Georgie was getting a bit scared that the kids from school were going to come to the park like they do a lot for time. When they all started to come out of the building Georgie called out to a girl. “She is looking at the park” I said. “It is time to go” the grownups said. I said a big good bye to Pippa especially because she is one of my best friends.
We went and had dinner with mum’s aunty and uncle – Joan & Geoff in Albany – ImageImage we had fish and chips the fish was very small but it was yummy – then we had a bun and a ice crème. 
By Yasi

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