Travelling around Australia

I was so glad to get out of the car because it was so hot. We played cricket at Claire and Richard’s house in Perth. Later we had dinner it was pasta Bolognese.  We played with their Lego. When we were in bed we got to read books – I read Possum magic, The man from snowy river and a dinosaur book then it was lights out.  I was in Tom’s room and he was getting out of bed. The next day I went on there tree house.  There are ropes and swings hanging off it. I did some drawing I coloured a bird carring a flower in it’s beak, a horse and it’s fowl with their head out the stable and a horse drinking from a pond. We watched the football Hawks vs Pies. Finn went for the Pies, Tom & Toby & I went for Hawks. Tom changed his favourite  team from Dockers to Hawks. Lance kicked the ball 80 meters away from the goals and it went in.
We played cricket – I was out when I had only hit the ball once they were being mean because they gave me no chances but they gave Tom 18 chances. Then I did some craft then it was dinner we had sausage & sauce in a roll. Later I coloured my giraffe picture while Finn was doing his home work. That night I read 2 chapters of The new cat in town. The next day I did some school work – it was fun. Tom and Finn went to real school.    By Kiki




4 thoughts on “Travelling around Australia

  1. Hi Kiki, well it sounds like you are having a great trip so far! Visiting friends and playing, laughing and eating are all great things to do. It sounds like you enjoy colouring in as well, that will be handy to do on your long journey ‘AROUND THE WORLD’ You are very lucky to have such wonderful parents who will take you all on this incredible adventure…….. I shall be reading your blogs as you travel. I am a Bowen therapist like your Dad. Love Sue xx

  2. “Hi. It’s Wirra. I am doing a somersault on the back of the couch while telling mum what to type. It’s fun to do somersaults. [maybe you Miliking mob could try Somersaults in the car??KG]. Today the Life Ed van came to Whitfield PS, I liked seeing the Girafe, especially when it bumped its head. Bye from Wirra. PS Moochie can you write something on the blog?…”

  3. Hi Kiki and all the Milikings,
    Sounds like you have made a great start to your big trip. It was good you got to see Pip and Charlotte. The kids got your cards and presents and I will try and get them to leave you some messages soon. Glad to hear you like your new school and are reading lots of books
    We have started training for Athletics which is on May 21st so we are busy getting fit and learning to measure jumps, throws and time runs.
    Well by for now.from Miss Feldtmann

  4. Looks like you guys are very busy and having a great time. You have already seen so many friends and travelled so far!

    It would have been fun seeing Luke and Fi and Tanami and Banjo too.

    It’s Anzac Day and we have Judd, Xander and Edan over for a play today.

    Love Suz, Pete, Tom, Claire & Isabelle

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