Arriving in Perth

Saturday 13/4/13
We arrived in Perth from Denmark. We drove more than 4,000 km from Melbourne in a car with no air conditioner – it was hot. We arrived in Fremantle to see Mum’s school friend Claire and her husband Richard. They have 2 kids and their names are Tom and Finn.
It took about less than 10 minutes before we were all playing happily together.  They have a tree house with no sides and a awesome tramp.
For dinner we had spaghetti Bolognese. For dessert we had ice cream!!! It was all yummy. We had a shower it was good to be clean. We went to sleep and I slept it Finn and Tom’s room.
Sunday 14/4/13
We woke up and had breakfast. I had 3 pieces of toast with 3 different types of jam it was yummy – mum and dad don’t let us have jam at home. We played cricket for ten minutes and went to the park. We played cricket after the park for another ten minutes then to the beach. I just love cricket. Before we left the beach we had a running race, I was trying to win, so I dived to try and win, four of us came a draw and when I dived I wounded my self. When we got back we saw the most amazing football match Hawthorn vs. Collingwood. The best part was when Buddy kicked a 80m GOAL!!! Another thing I couldn’t believe was that it took 12 seconds to get the football from one end to another.
We played cricket for hours before and after Dinner. The sausages were yummy. I really like BBQs. We played more cricket and then went to sleep. Image

3 thoughts on “Arriving in Perth

  1. Go the Hawks!! Pip, Lenny & I are enjoying following your blog and are jealous about your journey. Still no baby!

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