On the road

On the 7/4/13 we went to Ballarat. We saw Tina and Harry for lunch. For lunch we had rolls with tomatoes, lettuce , cheese and a veggie Berger. We also had some popcorn it was as always it was delicious!!!
We went to Ballarat community garden and shared a great big chocolate sponge cake it was yummy, I ate 3 pieces. We looked at the garden and took a photo of Harry’s and Anthony’s garden bed full of beans, the beans were enormous, they were at lest 20cm!!!
We played in the garden for a bit and then we went home to Harry’s house we played with Maggie ( Harry’s dog ). Maggie is a really cute dog Zoi, Yasi, Kalika,Emilio and I have been playing with Maggie every time we have seen her and we played and played and played like friends. We went to get a coffee for mum and dad and then we went to an aunty called Liz. Liz is an inspiring old lady that is a great basket maker and has an inspiring garden. We took a lot of photos so we can make some stuff like that when we get back. She went on a road trip in 1961 and she brought an old post van and went on a road trip from London to Sri Lanka. She is a great woman. She loves different cultures so she has some great pillows from different countries.
We left Liz and went on the road. We stopped at Coonalpyn and slept there for the night in our tent on the side of the road right next to a train line.

P.S We were woken up by the train at 5:55when we thought it was 6:25 because South Australia time is half an hour later than Melbourne time.

By Tobes

5 thoughts on “On the road

  1. So great that you are all enjoying the beginnings of your trip! I bet the train was an interesting alarm clock!

    It was great to see you all the other day and we are excited for the next installment of Miliking Meanderings!

    xoxo Jackie, Mick, Laila & Dash

  2. Hey Tobes,

    Thought I would check in on your travels.
    Maggie, Harry and I loved seeing you all and hearing about your exciting travel plans.

    Sending hugs to each of you,


  3. Hey Guys, so good to see and hear from you. Sorry I missed your gbye. All better now, wish you all the best and will follow -all the boys are very excited. Mel

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