A parent’s musings – by Mama MiliKing

I’m back. the kids tell you what we do, I am offering some reflections on our time in general.

We are travelling now and what a mix of emotions that involves. Let me tell you of some of the amusing and character building things that colour my day from a parenting perspective.


We traversed the Nullarbor with Emilio with a small sore on his face that we could not fathom. It wasn’t spreading, it didn’t hurt, there were no other symptoms… we were a little perplexed and whilst cleaning it regularly, we were quite relaxed. It turned out to be ‘school sores’. Oops, and we turned up at a friends house with them a little naive and oblivious. Fortunately, it appears we haven’t infected anyone else (that we have heard of). How it hadn’t spread further on Emilio or the other kids was beyond us. But with some meticulous care from friends and the mandatory ‘school sore nuking cream’ his face is once again hugely kissable and not restricted by scabby bits.


Car travel… We have both endured, and felt the limits of coping in our chosen mode of transport. This car has been fantastic, it’s a toyota, what can we say, and it has been meticulously prepared by our mechanic Grant in Whitfield – it hasn’t missed a beat. The ‘Milk Van’ or ‘Tarago’ is our family wagon, and to be honest it is missing a few beats (just not mechanical ones) : it has one door that doesn’t open, one window that doesn’t open (a second window cannot be relied upon so we don’t really use that either) and no air conditioning. We left Victoria with 307,000km on the odometer the temperature was pleasant.  We are still going strong and fingers crossed we’ll make it to Darwin in style. I must say I was mightily impressed when Christos checked the oil and water in Esperance. It is not something either of us are internally programmed to do, so he earned big brownie points for that manly act (this was a 40 degree day in WA and the kids survived about 600km in the car that day).  We are packed to the brim, the kids legs are not able to reach the floor, there are bags in the way and there is a big roof rack on top. This character building situation becomes a pressure cooker on hot days with many kms to cover. The lived reality sees us oscillate between sweating it out when the windows are up (if you ring and it is a hot day we have to put windows up to hear you so dont expect a long conversation) and breezy times when we are trying to get rid of flies and breath fresh air but nothing can be heard. We are quite taken by talking books- but these require the two openable windows only one inch down in order to be heard and not blast out the driver. What joy! Actually there are not many complaints, it is just what is.  glad we are not trying to squab into this little red number another NE victorian visitor to Charles Darwin Reserve.


Home schooling is something we have taken on in this moving phase of our journey. A typical day for us in school term involves driving about 8 am and me sitting in the middle with the kids who are fighting to do school work next to me, it might be  sums and numbers play (there are nine trucks with twelve tyres on each trailer, and three trailers per truck how many tyres all together- not including spares), finding patterns in times tables grids, or spelling or blog writing or reading or creative thinking ( we are making up our own worlds – imagine what life would be like inside a brick Kalika asks?). Yasi is particularly taken by history and the whole concept of who writes history and what about the other people who didn’t write the history books? We all quite enjoy schooling, for a while, but by about 10.30 it is common for tempers to be fraying as the heat in the car rises, ideas dry up and patience fades into a mirage on the long road ahead. I honestly do not know how those kids have done those long days over the Nullarbor in such good humor. I suppose it all helps to prepare them for ‘who knows what’ that lies ahead. I actually bought a heap of resources for homeschooling and I havent had a chance to get into many because we have been squashed in the car. but here are two photos; ‘teaching brotherly love’ and ‘The letter K’.



And that takes me to another point. Different personalities. What fun we are having. One of the things I have been looking forward to is getting to know my kids better; their triggers, their strengths, their challenges and tailoring the way I respond to them appropriately. It all sounds great in theory, ask me about it in six months time. Well, I can confidently say that we have: those that do multiple jobs to help us get packed up, those that just want to get fit again but find it hard to get out of bed for that jog, those with coffee withdrawal headaches and  those that soon after we arrive somewhere are ready to leave, those for whom change is a little bit anxiety building, those who like to lie in bed in the morning, those who avoid all jobs and those that kiss and cuddle and shove others out of the way for mummy time.. we are so unique different and special, and learning so much. Patience must be building. We have adults in our own moods trying to parent consistently but not always managing it. We are each our own, and we are learning and challenging and growing right in each others faces! Love it.


When necessary we have a running record as to who chooses what to do in the car for half an hour at a time to avoid fights, we have a love of buying a box of eight ice-creams for $4, and some seem to love smearing it through hair in the course of consumption. We have  a homesick box – someone calls out ‘I’m homesick’ and at the next town we might get a treat from the box (as of tonight the box is decidely empty actually – must remedy that one!). Several of the people we have visited have added to the initial homesick box stores. Funnily enough most items now contain chocolate.  We were sent off with a freshly baked banana cake complete with cream cheese frosting from ‘Charles Darwin Reserve’ courtesy of Fi… we then almost missed a turn and the cake slid from its precarious perch up above the back seats to visit the boys. I am happy to report that it was salvageable and delicious. On that note – Charles Darwin Reserve- Bush Heritage Fund property that friends are managing for ecosystem and flora and fauna diversity- check it out – donate or visit a property in australia today http://www.bushheritage.org



Have I told you about the wake up styles of our cherubs? Zoi or Emilio usually sidle up to or jump on Yasi, she is usually receptive but not always. Or maybe Zoi and Toby will slip into our bed in the early hours for the mandatory hugs they gather for the day ahead ( i have managed two mornings of short yoga/meditation but always made it back to bed in time for the morning cuddle extravaganza) . Zoi pushes everyone out of my embrace and has often ended up with Toby almost accepting affection from her. This morning I had Toby on top of me, and Zoi and Yasi on one side – Zoi was observed pulling my arms from each of the older kids, wrapping them tightly around her and holding on stating that it was her hug time… 


Working out how I want to communicate is a challenge to me. I find myself not sure of the emotions I am experiencing when the kids get into writing their blog, or putting up posts. I find I am stuck back in my travel days of 20 years ago. I loved the anguish of no contact for ages,  of collecting mail from poste restante, of working through my stuff myself, of knowing my limits and being totally present where I was. I loved the writing of a letter, not knowing what might have changed in my world by the time a letter was received… now I find my thoughts about communication confused, do I text and get almost immediate response, or write a detailed email, or ponder my evolving thoughts in a letter. I tend toward writing a letter, but then hear Christos might have had contact via text from that very person and my letter feels strangely inadequate.. this is something I am grappling with to this day; finding my way  and communication preference.  I wonder also as to the implications for the kids.. the immediacy of communication is so attractive, yet it does not seem quite right to me. I think this could be genetic thing. My parents don’t know how to turn on a CD player yet and have no interest. It is scary how archaic I feel right now. But oddly self righteous too! So don’t expect to hear from me often, but when I do write, it will be heartfelt and with passion.. 

thanks and love



Emilio’s time in Perth


we had lunch at g’mas friends Yvonne and Stephan. We were lucky because we had icecream and fairy bread. I was drawing, we played card games then we played trouble and bouncy balls. 




We went to Finn and Tom’s house and there was a cubby house and there was lots of climbing stuff and swinging stuff – we played lots of cricket. It was fun.


We went to my cousin Tryan’s sheep farm and i was holding Tryan’s hand and patting sheep.





We went to the Perth zoo – my favourite monkey was the baby milky one.


My cousin Tryan is cool & i look like him when he was a kid – awesome!


by Moocha (typed by baba and mama Miliking)





Our time in Perth

On Wednesday night we went to dad’s friends Mike’s place. He has a step-daughter called Jade her mum’s name is Nga. Do you now were Nga and Jade are from? They are from Vietnam. Nga made the best food for dinner – prawns, fish and snow peas & greens. I know a bit of one of the recipes – garlic, coriander and spinach. Jade is 9 yrs old liek toby and Yasi. She is really good at her times tables and art and she does 3-D puzzles. She has made 3 D puzzels of lots of places she wants to go like the Sydney opera house, Statue of liberty, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. We played with ‘playsticks’ – Jade made one storey and two storey cabins and a big cabin . I slept in Jade’s room I did not fall asleep so mum helped me move to the lounge were dad was sleeping- I eventually I got to sleep.
This is at Jade’s house. It was fun.
My baba and Mike always do back-to-back photos.

On Thursday morning we played with Tom Finn Clare and Rich – we played cricket then we played in the water at the beach and we went out to the pontoon. For those of you that do not know what a pontoon it is a platform floating in the ocean with a ladder to go up. For lunch Clare treated us to fish n chips by the water and then an ice cream – I had a extra-delicious white chocolate one.

We had a running race on the beach.

We went to dads cousin Despi and her husband Louis and there kids Georgia and Tryan.
They are grownups now Georgia is 20 and Tryan is 22. Their garden is so nice they have lovely green grass they have a very big but nice house. They have a toy monkey on a

chair, a beautiful bird and a mirror bigger then a table and a shandelir on the ceiling up above the table. We went to Perth zoo we saw chetes baby aleagates giant toesers a baby monkey baby geriler and an emuowe and more stuff.
We went on a zebra train – The perth zoo was fun!
This is us girls and Despi – she’s awesome.
We went to their gym – it’s not like a public one – it’s only like their’s – they’ve converted a garage into a gym. 
The next day we went to the gym again – I like the running machine & the punching bags and the bike and the step-up machine.
The gym was epic.
This is Yas and my cousin Georgia
We went to their farm and drive around on little farm buggies – the others saw an emu.
We went up really high on the buggies.
They had metal and rock sculptures – a big vineyard and some dams. There was a horse sculpture made of bits of woods. we did horse races on the soft grass- i went on baba’s back and also Tryan’s back – i won both! I did Lana’s hair (she’s Tryan’s lovely gorgeous girlfriend).
Us kids with Despi Louis Tryan and Lana
We saw some of their sheep at another farm of theirs close-by. I liked the baby lambs- they were cute but they kept running away from me when I tried to pat them.
The sheep are cute.
This is Lana – she’s very nice – Zoi wouldnt let me count with her in hide and seek because she liked her too.
We picked some pomegranates – they are a really yummy fruit. At the big dam we fed the fish. The feed was little red and green pellets. Then we started driving again to see our friends Tanami and Banjo. By Kiki



Gnowangerup & Albany WA

Blog 15/4/13
On Friday we saw my friends Lindy, Pippa, Charlotte, there cousins were with them – their names were Georgie and Mack. We went to the park with them which was across the road from Georgie and Mack’s school. They were wagging school because Pippa and Charlotte were staying at their house. Georgie and Mack haven’t seen them for a long time. So when we were at the park I played with Georgie and Pippa on the swing after a bit we went the monkey bars. Then Georgie was getting a bit scared that the kids from school were going to come to the park like they do a lot for time. When they all started to come out of the building Georgie called out to a girl. “She is looking at the park” I said. “It is time to go” the grownups said. I said a big good bye to Pippa especially because she is one of my best friends.
We went and had dinner with mum’s aunty and uncle – Joan & Geoff in Albany – ImageImage we had fish and chips the fish was very small but it was yummy – then we had a bun and a ice crème. 
By Yasi

Travelling around Australia

I was so glad to get out of the car because it was so hot. We played cricket at Claire and Richard’s house in Perth. Later we had dinner it was pasta Bolognese.  We played with their Lego. When we were in bed we got to read books – I read Possum magic, The man from snowy river and a dinosaur book then it was lights out.  I was in Tom’s room and he was getting out of bed. The next day I went on there tree house.  There are ropes and swings hanging off it. I did some drawing I coloured a bird carring a flower in it’s beak, a horse and it’s fowl with their head out the stable and a horse drinking from a pond. We watched the football Hawks vs Pies. Finn went for the Pies, Tom & Toby & I went for Hawks. Tom changed his favourite  team from Dockers to Hawks. Lance kicked the ball 80 meters away from the goals and it went in.
We played cricket – I was out when I had only hit the ball once they were being mean because they gave me no chances but they gave Tom 18 chances. Then I did some craft then it was dinner we had sausage & sauce in a roll. Later I coloured my giraffe picture while Finn was doing his home work. That night I read 2 chapters of The new cat in town. The next day I did some school work – it was fun. Tom and Finn went to real school.    By Kiki





Arriving in Perth

Saturday 13/4/13
We arrived in Perth from Denmark. We drove more than 4,000 km from Melbourne in a car with no air conditioner – it was hot. We arrived in Fremantle to see Mum’s school friend Claire and her husband Richard. They have 2 kids and their names are Tom and Finn.
It took about less than 10 minutes before we were all playing happily together.  They have a tree house with no sides and a awesome tramp.
For dinner we had spaghetti Bolognese. For dessert we had ice cream!!! It was all yummy. We had a shower it was good to be clean. We went to sleep and I slept it Finn and Tom’s room.
Sunday 14/4/13
We woke up and had breakfast. I had 3 pieces of toast with 3 different types of jam it was yummy – mum and dad don’t let us have jam at home. We played cricket for ten minutes and went to the park. We played cricket after the park for another ten minutes then to the beach. I just love cricket. Before we left the beach we had a running race, I was trying to win, so I dived to try and win, four of us came a draw and when I dived I wounded my self. When we got back we saw the most amazing football match Hawthorn vs. Collingwood. The best part was when Buddy kicked a 80m GOAL!!! Another thing I couldn’t believe was that it took 12 seconds to get the football from one end to another.
We played cricket for hours before and after Dinner. The sausages were yummy. I really like BBQs. We played more cricket and then went to sleep. Image

On the road

On the 7/4/13 we went to Ballarat. We saw Tina and Harry for lunch. For lunch we had rolls with tomatoes, lettuce , cheese and a veggie Berger. We also had some popcorn it was as always it was delicious!!!
We went to Ballarat community garden and shared a great big chocolate sponge cake it was yummy, I ate 3 pieces. We looked at the garden and took a photo of Harry’s and Anthony’s garden bed full of beans, the beans were enormous, they were at lest 20cm!!!
We played in the garden for a bit and then we went home to Harry’s house we played with Maggie ( Harry’s dog ). Maggie is a really cute dog Zoi, Yasi, Kalika,Emilio and I have been playing with Maggie every time we have seen her and we played and played and played like friends. We went to get a coffee for mum and dad and then we went to an aunty called Liz. Liz is an inspiring old lady that is a great basket maker and has an inspiring garden. We took a lot of photos so we can make some stuff like that when we get back. She went on a road trip in 1961 and she brought an old post van and went on a road trip from London to Sri Lanka. She is a great woman. She loves different cultures so she has some great pillows from different countries.
We left Liz and went on the road. We stopped at Coonalpyn and slept there for the night in our tent on the side of the road right next to a train line.

P.S We were woken up by the train at 5:55when we thought it was 6:25 because South Australia time is half an hour later than Melbourne time.

By Tobes


Kate & Ben’s beautiful wedding

Blog 7/4/2013 By Yasmina 
Last night we went to our friends Kate and Ben wedding it was a great wedding we were camping out.Then we left and we went to Ballarat we saw our friends Tina and her boys named Harry then we went to my mums ants house me and Toby my brother and Kalika my sister we got great ides for our garden back home I miss my home all reddy. We are going to Adelaide.