Finally on the road

Wow – it seems so surreal that we are finally on the road – on our new adventure…….Sandy and i have both loved travelling and working in different parts of the world before and immersing ourselves in different cultures – when our little twins were born I said to Sand “We’ll never be able to travel again!” things all seemed so overwhelming and her reply was “Maybe in 5 years” – well that stuck in our minds and i guess the seeds to this trip were planted that day. Zoi and Moochie have now turned 5, have started school, work for Sandy has come to an end of a contract and my clinic in Wangaratta is well looked after so naturally – time to go…….

As we were sitting on our deck overlooking the beautiful mountains and having a drink, a friend asked us – “why would you want to leave this glorious place” – and yes we are blessed to live on a wonderful property n a beautiful community in NE Victoria – though we could live there very happily and never leave – our kids would go to great local schools and do their tennis and swimming, soccer etc etc etc but there is so much more out there – there are experiences you just cant plan for that add to your bank of resilience, there are cultures that our kids would never even hear or dream about in NE Victoria, and as small as our world is becoming – there is still a big humungous world to explore and so many people to meet that will hopefully show the kids – that despite looking different and eating different foods, speaking different languages, we really are very similar.

This week has been the busiest week of all for Sandy and I as we have both wound up our work, packed and meticulously cleaned our house for our friend Jo to move into, and tried to think of what we might need for our 2 years away. Many nights we have resorted to cholcoate at 3am just to try to get us another hour of crossing things off our list – we went from this photo on Monday night:


To this photo as we picked up our kids from school at the end of term and drove off west to Bendigo.



3 thoughts on “Finally on the road

  1. You are all an inspiration and as much as we will miss you (and we will) we so look forward to reading about all of your adventures. Love you all so much Bon voyage! M, C & G x

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