Our day in Bendigo

Me and my family are in Bendigo now and we had  dinner at our friends Dean, Giselle, Hamish, Holly and Finlay’s house and we also stayed the night that their house. The next morning me and my friend Holly played table tennis then we went to an Easter egg hunt in Bendigo.  After the Easter egg hunt we went and played football. Then we left Bendigo and went to Castlemaine to see some of our other friends’ house. Their names are Mark, Jude, Reuben and Gianluca.



Finally on the road

Wow – it seems so surreal that we are finally on the road – on our new adventure…….Sandy and i have both loved travelling and working in different parts of the world before and immersing ourselves in different cultures – when our little twins were born I said to Sand “We’ll never be able to travel again!” things all seemed so overwhelming and her reply was “Maybe in 5 years” – well that stuck in our minds and i guess the seeds to this trip were planted that day. Zoi and Moochie have now turned 5, have started school, work for Sandy has come to an end of a contract and my clinic in Wangaratta is well looked after so naturally – time to go…….

As we were sitting on our deck overlooking the beautiful mountains and having a drink, a friend asked us – “why would you want to leave this glorious place” – and yes we are blessed to live on a wonderful property n a beautiful community in NE Victoria – though we could live there very happily and never leave – our kids would go to great local schools and do their tennis and swimming, soccer etc etc etc but there is so much more out there – there are experiences you just cant plan for that add to your bank of resilience, there are cultures that our kids would never even hear or dream about in NE Victoria, and as small as our world is becoming – there is still a big humungous world to explore and so many people to meet that will hopefully show the kids – that despite looking different and eating different foods, speaking different languages, we really are very similar.

This week has been the busiest week of all for Sandy and I as we have both wound up our work, packed and meticulously cleaned our house for our friend Jo to move into, and tried to think of what we might need for our 2 years away. Many nights we have resorted to cholcoate at 3am just to try to get us another hour of crossing things off our list – we went from this photo on Monday night:


To this photo as we picked up our kids from school at the end of term and drove off west to Bendigo.




Getting prepared for our Trip



We are going away on 28th of March 2013.

 Some of our feelings are sad, nervous & excited. Sad because missing our friends. Nervous because going to new places. Excited because going on adventures.


We are getting prepared –example -100% water proof jackets, a towel with a small case, a back pack that has lot’s of pockets, a underwater camera, water proof binoculars. Santa got three kindles touches for the kids and a globe of the world. We are getting more prepared.


 What I know so far is that we are going on a VERY VERY long drive, from were we are in Whitfield. So we are going from our house ALL the way to Adelaide. When we get to Adelaide we are going straight to the zoo for FREE, because all us 5 kids and our mum and dad are zoo members. We are going to stay at Adelaide for 12 hrs, then finally off to Perth. We are staying at Perth at my mum and dad’s friends for a week or two. On the way from Perth to Darwin we will have Kalika`s 7th Birthday. In Darwin we are going to try to sell our Toyota Tarago, we will then have to take a maxi taxi. We are going to the Darwin airport and … catch a plane to Cairns to go to palm cove to meet our First cousins and our grandma and pa. The day before we catch the plane to Cairns it is Yasi and my Birthday – we are turning 10, we are probably going to have a Birthday Cake with our cousins. We will stay in palm cove for six days. (This is when the fun begins)


So from Darwin airport we are going to say in the building but we are catching a plane to Singapore.  We are going to stay in Singapore for 40 hrs. My dad says “we are going to see the orang-utans at the Singapore zoo” because Singapore is famous for orang-utan’s. So from Singapore to Kunming. In Kunming we will be sleeping at people’s houses, sleeping in guesthouses, staying in our tent, carrying our back packs down hill and going on horseback up a hill. Then a plane from Shangrila airport to Xian.

At Xian we will catch a train to Beijing. In Beijing we hope to see the amazing Great Wall of China.


 In Beijing we will catch the train Siberian all the way to Moscow, we will stop in Mongolia and stop in Russia two or three times from Moscow to Greece… well we will catch a train. We are staying in Greece for six or nine months, Mum and dad are trying to keep up the Greek language.


Next spot Spain or Morocco… we will fly by plane from Greece to Spain or Morocco. In Morocco or Spain we will have Christmas with aunty Jenny, aunty Sally and Uncle George –  also if we go to Spain Dad promised that we would go to a Barcelona match. Now off to South America… Peru, we might go to school in Peru.


I look forward to writing more again soon.


Tobes MiliKingImage